The Center is able to do its work due to its many supporters and collaborators. Support comes in various forms and is used to strengthen communities.

Individuals and organizations can support the Center to enable this important work by investing in the Center directly or supporting a specific program or activity in the following ways:


Corporate Resilience Council

The Center has a Corporate Resilience Council (CRC) for companies who wish to be collaborative with the Center, giving input on areas of focus and getting insights about the initiatives being accomplished. By joining the CRC, a company will be proactively connected with the efforts of the Center and support the Center’s foundational work to build resilience in communities across the U.S. There are two levels of Corporate Resilience Council support (Basic & Executive) with limited seats designated for each.

For more information, contact to secure your company’s place on the CRC.


Program and Project Sponsors

From specific projects and initiatives to events and organizational support, Center Sponsors find various ways to advance this resilience work. Sponsors can identify specific Center programs and/or projects to underwrite, or they my want to support the core mission and vision of the Dr. Lucy Jones Center with general support. Sponsor benefits include VIP access to Center program, recognition, opportunities for program design support, and more. Let us know if you’re interested in discussing a sponsorship by contacting


Individual Donors

Individuals wishing to support this work can support the Center through monthly or one-time gifts by visiting our Individual Supporter page here. This support helps realize the vision of the Center and will be recognized with mentions in our annual report. By supporting the center with a monthly, recurring payment, you ensure long-term support for vulnerable communities.


Program Partners

Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners. Partnerships can be formed in various ways, but they always are about an organization (or more than one) sharing resources to achieve a shared resilience goal alongside the Center.

Non-profit and other organizations wishing to partner with the Center can do so by entering into a partnership agreement with the Center to establish a formal, collaborative working relationship on specific goals. All partnerships include a pre-stated mutual goal, benchmarks to review the partnership, and an end-date for formal review and potential renewal/modification.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page to request a partnership agreement.