We are grateful to our current Sponsors, offering us ongoing support for our programs, and providing input on the direction and focus of our efforts. We have Founding Supporters who have been with us since the beginning, and we continue to work with new supporters and sponsors to advance the mission of the Jones Center.

Founding Supporters




2020 Current Sponsors

Individual Patrons

Through the ongoing support of individuals, the Jones Center is able to continue its work in service to the community.If you would like to join them, you can sign up here to be a Jones Center Patron. We thank the following monthly supporters who contribute to this work:

Silver Patron
Blue Can H2O
Brent Broyles
Carol Kenney
Carolyn Laws
Diane McClure
Jan Neuenschwander
Jennifer Thalasinos
Jennine Ochoa
Paul Jenkins
Robert Combs
Vickie Thompson

Gold Patron
Andrea Davis
Anne Hutton
Chris Taber
JoAnne Als
Julie Kachgal
Lisa Esban
Ryan Buford
Susan Salazar
Tony Howe

Platinum Patron
David Wirths
Nancylee Casca