With the support of key partnerships, the Jones Center has been able to launch and expand projects that advance the mission of the Center and that of its partners. Our work would not be possible without the support of our partners. Partnerships can be formed in various ways, but they always are about an organization (or more than one) sharing resources to achieve a shared resilience goal alongside the Jones Center. Thanks goes to these 2021-2022 partners:

  • California Institute of Technology, who partnered on two outreach programs
  • City of Culver City, who partnered on the Connected Communities Resilience Program
  • City of San Fernando, who partnered on the Connected Communities Resilience Program
  • Pacifico, who is partnering on the Tempo: Music for Climate Action
  • North Valley Community Foundation, who is partnering on a wildfire resilience project

Non-profit, public sector, and other organizations wishing to partner with the Jones Center can do so by entering into a partnership agreement with the Center to establish a formal, collaborative working relationship on specific goals. All partnerships include a pre-stated mutual goal, benchmarks to review the partnership, and an end-date for formal review and potential renewal/modification.

For more information, please visit our Contact Us page to request a partnership agreement.