Tempo Dialogue: Kikuko Maruo and Tapio Schneider

The Tempo project is hosting a series of discussions between musicians, social scientists, and physical scientists to explore solutions to mitigate climate change.
The Tempo Dialogue with Kikuko Maruo and Tapio Schneider will be held on Zoom November 9th at 4:00 pm PT with simultaneous Japanese interpretation. Register here
The Dialogue’s theme is Improvisation and Modeling: what are the parallels between musical improvisation and climate modeling? Climate scientist, Tapio Schneider, will discuss his work on developing models for climate predictions and their use to adapt to a changing climate. Composer and musician, Kikuko Maruo, will share selections of her choral compositions and discuss her practice of improvising within a framework. This will be followed with discussion exploring the similarities and differences between scientific modeling and musical improvisation. We look forward to your participation.
The agenda for the hour-long Tempo Dialogue is as follows:
1. Intro Music
2. Science Topic – Tapio Schneider
3. Composer & Music Presentation – Kikuko Maruo
4. Open Discussion
5. Closing Music
Watch our previous Dialogues here. Please visit the Tempo webpage for more information. Follow Tempo on Instagram and Twitter to keep updated with our projects.
Thanks also to all our partners for making this program a success.