Predicting Earthquakes, California-style

Based on the information mentioned in Getting Through It Episode 97 – “Predicting Earthquakes, California-style”listen to related episodes, learn more about earthquake prediction, and read about the 1992 M6.1 Joshua Tree earthquake.

Episode 97 Summary

Thirty years ago, April 22, 1992, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake occurred under Joshua Tree National Park. It was also the closest we have ever gotten to a short-term earthquake prediction in California! Dr. Jones sets the scene for how this prediction was issued and what could have followed the Joshua Tree earthquake. 

“Earthquake prediction has never been just a scientific problem; it is very much a social problem as well.”


All earthquakes magnitude 2 or greater in the region of the 1992 Joshua Tree-Landers-Big Bear sequence from April 22 to July 15 are shown as gray circles. The mainshocks for each of the 3 main sequences are shown as red stars. Figure from USGS.

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Dr. Jones mentions the USGS report put together by a working group she co-chaired with Kerry E. Sieh and published in 1990, titled “Short-Term Earthquake Hazard Assessment for the San Andreas Fault in Southern California”. Read the report here.

As mentioned in the episode, the M6.1 Joshua Tree earthquake raised some alarms due to its proximity to the San Andreas fault. Read more about this earthquake here.

The M6.1 Joshua Tree earthquake was followed two months later by the M7.3 Landers earthquake, the largest earthquake to hit Southern California in 40 years. Read more about this earthquake here.

Dr. Jones carrying her son during a press conference about the 1992 M6.1 Joshua Tree earthquake. Image from NBC4 Los Angeles.


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