The Tempo Approach
Understanding the climate problem
Music to inspire action
Climate, Risk and Emotions
A series of dialogues
Paul Slovic & Sarah Dryhurst
"Musicians know a lot about moving audiences"
Jonathan Beard & Neil Fromer
"Telling stories can help to spread awareness"
Lucy Jones & Megumi Ishimoto
"We need to believe that we can still make a difference"
Makiko Hirata & Shawn Kirchner
"What sustains us better than joy?"
Tomohide Atsumi & Emiliano R. Nuesch
"Working with music helps draw people's attention"
Tempo Dialogue #1
A podcast and
a live performance.
Tempo people
Dr. Makiko Hirata
"Music reminds us that what we share is greater than our differences"
Dr. Paul Slovic
"Music is very powerful in creating feelings"
Jonathan Beard
"To talk about climate change is to talk about possible futures"
Dr. Sarah Dryhurst
“Emotions have a vital importance in our perception of risk”
Shawn Kirchner
"We are part of a global network composed by people that already care"
Dr. Neil Fromer
"Music can be a good mobilizer"
Megumi Ishimoto
Tomohide Atsumi
The Team
Dr. Lucy
R. Nuesch
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