Music to inspire action

This original instrumental work by seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, "In Nomine Terra Calens: In the name of a warming earth", allows the listener to hear Earth’s temperature data over the last 138 years.

Recorded by Josh Lee and Ostraka, the piece is performed by four viols with one of the bass viols playing the temperature data. The accompanying animation by Ming Tai, El Ogorodova, and Christopher Yoon captures the rising temperatures as delicate colored spheres while highlighting world events.

The haunting bass line chronicles the rise of global temperature and progresses through an increasingly frantic rising of pitch to end with a stripping away of harmonies that converges on one lone note.
It ends without direction to represent the uncertain future.

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CREDITS: Composed by Lucy Jones Performed by Ostraka - Josh Lee, Director Recorded and Engineered by Jeremiah Johnson Mixed by Ben Cooper Produced by Josh Lee Recorded at Bear Machine Studios, Glendale CA April 6, 2019.




Sounds that connect us with emotions that connect us with action


At our first brainstorming meetings, marked by a multicultural and cross-cultural agenda that brings together specialists in neuroscience, risk studies, the environmental agenda and music, we sat down to think about the many different emotions that music can arouse. Does rabid music arouse the desire to act? And can more introspective music connect us with a love of nature? These are just some of the questions that guide us through this experience.





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