COVID-19 Virtual Intersection Series


How the Private Sector can Effectively Share Life-Saving Information using Research

On Friday, July 31, 2020,  the Dr. Lucy Jones Center in partnership with Unibail Rodamco Westfield (URW) hosted a discussion about how the private sector can effectively share life-saving information using research.

During any crisis, communication is required. Yet, communicating risk and safety information isn’t a haphazard approach to sharing. Decades of research into this specialized topic reveals the things to do to avoid making things worse and truly inspiring action. From local business owners to corporate leaders to local officials — all parts of society can lead the way in responding to the crisis with effective communication to elicit the actions required for communities to recover and thrive. 

Dr. Lucy Jones was joined by Dr. Deanna Sellnow, Professor and Assistant Director of the Nicholson School of Communications at the University of Central Florida, to explain how people process information and how communicators can most effectively provide the information needed to have others take the necessary steps for response. This virtual session provided the tools, techniques, and underlying science to empower business and local leaders to manage people who are reacting differently to the same risk.  

Julie Kachgal, a private sector emergency manager at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, moderated the conversation.  She previously worked at the NYC Office of Emergency Management and Chaired the IAEM Public Private Partnership Committee.  She continues to work on ways to form community partnerships for better overall emergency response.

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